Are you taking note?

How will you recall your 'ah-ha' moments?

Are you taking note?

As we delve deeper into the concepts that link your mindset with your physiology and how you can use that to achieve your goals, we need to make sure you're taking note.

And I don't mean figuratively, I mean literally.

Capture the 'ah-ha' moments

My goal for each article is to give you a single 'ah-ha' moment that makes you add one more piece to the overall puzzle.

Today's 'ah-ha' moment is telling you: if you don't make notes, you cannot recall these 'ah-ha' moments when you most need it.

Why is this important? We suffer from the recency effect—where we tend to remember the most recent information best. This means that while you think you will remember what you read here, in a few weeks you will most likely have forgotten it.

Create a swipe file of ideas

Do this now. Open a note on your computer and use it to capture the key takeaway from each article. Today's is "if I don't write it down, I will forget it".

Don't like digital notes, use a notepad. But add to it every article and keep it in one place.

Note-taking is a skill. I teach this on my YouTube channel where I go into great depths of the Zettelkasten method. But if you're new to it, start small, but be consistent.

Go back through the previous articles and start making notes from the key takeaway from each one.

What's an 'ah-ha' moment?

For those unfamiliar with the term, it's the moment where you read a piece of text or watch a video and suddenly it all makes sense. You have a moment of clarity and can see exactly what it was you didn't understand before, but now do. You have a moment where you say 'ah-ha' now I get it. As an author, I hope to give you deep, impactful 'ah-ha' moments.

What's a swipe file?

The term swipe file comes from the advertising industry where examples of best practices are collected as references for ideas in new projects. There are equivalents in other fields, such as commonplace which is a collection of notes in a single book. I like the Zettelkasten which stores small atomic notes in an archive.

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