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Hello, welcome. I'm Martin, a technical entrepreneur who loves everything web, design, ux and e-commerce. I've worked on a lot of different projects, ranging from UX to e-commerce to enterprise applications to startups. I love it.

Projects we are currently working on:

I would consider myself a full stack web developer who does UX, is an entrepreneur and loves to inspire others. Some of my favourite things to be working with right now are:

  • React
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB

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While I'm not looking for any new work, I am willing to provide advice and guidance in the areas of startups, growth hacking, ux and design, and e-commerce. This helps me ensure my content strategy is kept relevant.

Contact details:

[email protected]
if you really want my attention, hit me up on Twitter first.

08432 898 373
this number costs to call and will often go to voicemail. Maybe email instead.

Meda Technologies Ltd, Suite I1 Epsilon House, Enterprise Road, Chilworth, Southampton, SO16 7NS.