Do you get distracted by new ideas?

You just can't say no. The answer to why you're trying to do everything.

An AI image of a person spinning multiple plates akin to a person being distracted by too many ideas

For many years I suffered from wanting to do absolutely everything. It’s almost like the creative streak wanted to explore any and every direction. Programming, filmmaking, CG artwork, music, startups. I would go through cycles of flipping between them over the course of each month.

I would start with filmmaking — “wouldn’t it be great to have some VFX”. So I would start learning 3D modelling. “But I can’t draw! I need to learn how to draw”. Then I would start learning how to draw.

Finally I would burn out, take a break, get bored and start the cycle all over again.

Fast forward a few years and I moved my focus onto Software as a Service (SaaS) business ideas. It was hard picking a single idea that I knew was going to work. So I’d start multiple projects trying to boil the ocean.

FOMO is real

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is very real. When you pursue one idea, because you have a curiosity of other ideas, you just don’t want to let it go. You want to make sure you’re there where the opportunity is and you don’t miss out. After all, the ideas in your own head have infinite potential, so of course you wouldn’t want to let it go.

Maturity kicks in

As I got closer to my 40’s, I started to realise that I can’t do everything. Some of my past ideas have lingered for so long. I’m ready to finally let them go.

Sad as it sounds, they actually provided valuable learnings that I can carry forward. My programming ability has excelled with the many side projects I thought would be million dollar businesses. My passion for filmmaking has translated to be pretty good at educating on YouTube. My passion for drawing means I have a sharper eye for design aesthetics.

But something happened to me that changed my desire to keep chasing many goals simultaneously.

I found my calling.

To be obsessed with one thing changes everything

As I write this, I have one single focus. To help inspire a generation of thinkers and doers. It starts with educating how to break free of the status quo and map a path for yourself. It starts with helping teach the tools and techniques to be a better thinker. And for me, it starts with creating a tool (Flowtelic) to help you with your learning.

Everything now aligns under my calling — to inspire a generation of thinkers and doers.

What I’ve noticed is a transformation in my focus. I no longer want to chase some of the business ideas or creative avenues that once inspired me. They don’t lead me to where I need to be.

For 2 years now, I’ve woken up and gone to sleep with the same mission. The same focus. The same desire. The same obsession. To build this app, to build the community, build the business and deliver on my mission.

I also don’t mind whether it takes 2 years or 10 years. I have every confidence I will get there.

How do you find your calling?

This is a very difficult question to answer as it’s unique to each and every one of us. But it starts with listening to your thoughts, passions and what excites you.

What keeps coming back in your mind that you really care about? What values do you live by that this ‘thing’ aligns with? What could you spend an hour talking to a complete stranger about without having to stop for a break?

Let your subconscious speak. Let it be heard. You might just find your calling.

The test

If you have your calling you’ll be tested from time to time. This is how you know if you’re focused and now immune to distraction.

It might be an acquaintance who wants to see if you’re interested in their business idea. You’ll say “no” because the distraction is too costly to your obsession.

It might be a new job opportunity that you know will require a lot more energy and focus. You’ll say “no” because your path is set on your new calling and anything different will set you back.

It might be people giving you doubt that your idea will never work or the competition is too much. You’ll ignore this because your calling just ‘feels right’.

You’ll have a superpower of confidence. Failure is okay in your mind because the calling is so powerful, that to simply try is a great honour.

The ah-ha moment

Today’s ah-ha moment is that if you find you’re distracted by too many ideas — it’s not because you’re unfocused — it’s because you haven’t found your calling.

It’s okay to be in this state. Over time you’ll start to mature and let go of some of the ideas. You’ll retain the newly gained skills while you explored them. Use this time to listen to your inner voice. What’s secretly calling you? What can’t you get out of your head? What if you gave yourself permission to chase it?

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