Creating a startup can be a daunting task. You soon find yourself thinking about the elevator pitch, minimum viable product, lean startup, product market fit, customer acquisition, etc.

If you're new and some of those terms are alien to you, don't worry. At Zaro, we've created The Ultimate Startup Trello Board to get you thinking along the right lines.

You can access the board here:

Trello Board

Hold up! Isn't Trello a competitor to Zaro?

Yes. Yes it is. But we're not shy to admit that. You see, we're working very hard to make sure Zaro will be kickass, and when it is, we'll create the Ultimate Startup Board in Zaro. But, rather than make you wait, we want you to get started – even if it is on Trello 🙄

However, do make sure you sign up to Zaro because we think you'll like what we're about to launch 😉