What's your self learning program?

Create yourself a 6 week learning program to start your Autodidact journey.

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It's reasonable to think that after you go through education as a child, you're done and out there in the real world. Lessons, assignments and exams are a thing of the past.

How sad.

It took me many years to uncover my passion for being an Autodidact—a self taught person.

Only after formal education completes does the real learning start. The learning that aligns with your heart. The learning that aligns with your why. And you get to set the curriculum.

Do you have a learning program?

Imagine where you want to get to. Now imagine the skills and knowledge gaps to get there. Do you have a plan for learning those skills?

Maybe you need to code to build the app you want to build. Maybe it's reading the books to help you get into a new field. Or maybe it's just following your curiosity and seeing where inspiration takes you.

You have to take this seriously. Between where you are now and where you want to get to, is a path that requires new skills and habits. To do that, you need new inputs to guide you. This is your learning path.

Do this exercise

Create yourself a 6 week learning program:

  1. Write down the goals of the program
  2. Identify 6 topics that you wish to cover, one for each week
  3. Find a course or book to study
  4. Schedule into each week as the weekly 'lecture'
  5. Set a practical assignment for each lecture so you can put it into practice

Here's my free Notion template you can use to create your 6 week learning program.

When you're done, share it with me at martin@meda.io as I'd love to see how you're getting on.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity—Dorothy Parker

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